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Our Vision

Politics have always been the largest driving force in the world. Those in charge dictate what happens, who it happens to & what will happen to everyone else. It is the very core of where the world stands today and where it may end up tomorrow. Politics affect everyone, whether they’d like to believe it or not. And yet, there seems to be a troubling pattern among people claiming to be “non-political,” an entirely implausible notion in this day and age. It shapes our world and daily activities, freedoms and privileges.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring awareness to the issues that could effect each and everyone of us every day, change history or the direction of governments across the world and bring massive change that by definition doesn’t serve the better good. Saying you “aren’t political” isn’t an answer, its only in all our best interest to be aware of what and who we vote for. We are happy to be partnered with When We All Vote & Rock The Vote to bring you the best in politics today.

Our Latest Posts


Voting by Mail

Many of you have questions on vote by mail and how to explain vote by mail to your communities. Last week, we released a simple three step process on how …