2020 Senate seats up for election

1200px-Senator_Doug_Jones_official_photo Senate Doug Jones* Democrat
  • Affordable Health Care 
  • High-Quality Education
  • Responsible economic development
No picture available Senate Michael Parrish Independent
  • Immigration Compromise
  • Gun Reform Compromise
download Primary Runoff Jeff Sessions* Republican
  • Standing up to China
  • Expose the lies of the Chinese communist regime
  • Make American Medical Supplies in America
  • Stop Immigration
download (1) Primary Runoff Tommy Tuberville Republican
  • Serving those who served
  • Protecting individual liberties
  • Improving education
  • Secure border
  • Healthcare reform
  • Defending second amendment
No picture available Senate Edgar Blatchford Democrat No information available
No picture available Senate John Howe Alaskan Independence Party No information available
5ecd97d13be61 Senate Chris Cumings Progressive
  • Social Safety Net
  • Mental Illness and Addiction
  • Education Reform
  • Alaskan Native Civil Rights
  • Environment & Climate Change
al gross Senate Al Gross Democrat
  • Healthcare reform
  • Raising minimum wage
  • Defending collective bargaining
  • Higher education affordability
  • Climate Change
  • Campaign finance reform
download (2) Senate Daniel S. Sullivan* Republican
  • Rebuilding military
  • Promoting responsible resource development
  • Cleaning up our oceans
  • Spurring economic development
  • Expanding veteran benefits
Mark Kelly Senate Mark Kelly Democrat
  • Healthcare reform
  • Border security
  • Strengthening Social Security and Medicare
  • Women’s rights
  • Common Sense gun laws
  • Climate change
No picture available Senate Bo Garcia Democrat No information available
Martha_McSally_official_congressional_photo Senate Martha McSally Republican No information available
Daniel McCarthy Senate Daniel McCarthy Republican
  • Reopen Arizona
  • Border wall
  • Pro-life
  • Red Flag Laws
  • End the Department of Education
  • Free-Market healthcare
No picture available Senate Alan White Libertarian  No information available
Tom Cotton Senate Tom Cotton* Republican No information available
RICKY DALE HARRINGTON JR Senate Ricky Dale Harrington, Jr. Libertarian 
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Healthcare reform
  • Foreign policy focused on diplomacy and minimizing military entanglements
  • Ending deficit spending
  • Preserving the environment
Dan Whitfield Senate Dan Whitfield Progressive Independent
  • Medicare for all
  • Campaign Finance Reform
  • Ending the War on Drugs
  • Tax Enforcement/Lowering Taxes for the Working Class
  • Climate Change
  • Relieving Student Debt
  • Educational for all
  • No more foreign wars
  • Pro-2nd Amendment
  • Raising Teaching Salaries
  • Livable wage
  • Rebuild the VA
No picture available Senate Veronique Bellamy Socialist No information available
No picture available Senate Stephen Evans Unity Party
  • Open carry in Denver
  • Increase in affordable housing
  • Housing First initiative
download (3) Senate Joseph Camp (Joey) Independent
No picture available Senate Martha Wolf Independent
john hickenlooper Senate John Hickenlooper Democrat
  • Common sense gun laws
  • Assault Weapons ban
  • Drug price negotiation
  • Affordable Health Care
  • Marijuana legalization
Andrew Romanoff Senate Andrew Romanoff Democrat
  • Combatting climate change
  • Healthcare for all
  • Public education
  • Fighting gun violence
  • Immigration reform
Cory Gardner Senate Cory Gardner* Republican
  • Common sense energy and climate policies
  • Immigration reform and border security
  • Modernizing healthcare
  • Lowering the cost of healthcare
Chris Coons Senate Chris Coons* Democrat
  • Gun violence
  • Civil Rights
  • Women’s Rights
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Addressing climate crisis
Jessica Scarane Senate Jessica Scarane Democrat
  • Universal Healthcare
  • Housing as a right
  • Equitable Education
  • Peace, not war
  • Criminal justice reform
james demartino Senate Jim DeMartino Republican
  • More private insurance
  • Stricter Immigration
  • Constitutional government
Lauren Witzke Senate Lauren Witzke Republican
  • Immigration Moratorium
  • America Workers First
  • Ending Visa Abuse
  • Second Amendment Rights
Mark Turley Senate Mark Turley Independent
  • Government Reform
  • Affordable Healthcare
  • Social Programs
My Approved Portraits Senate David Perdue
  • Fixing broken Washington
jon ossoff Senate Jon Ossof Democrat
  • Infrastructure upgrade
  • Strengthen Medicare
  • Public insurance option
  • Clean energy
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Supporting Roe v. Wade
shane Shane Hazel Libertarian
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Anti-gun regulation
  • No taxation without permission
  • Marijuana legalization
  • End war
No picture available Senate Clifton Kilby Independent Information Unavailable
Doug Collins Senate Doug Collins Republican
  • Supporting president trump
  • Pro-life
  • Protecting the 2nd Amendment
  • Cutting taxes 
  • Supporting veterans and law enforcement 
Derrick Grayson Senate Derrick Grayson Republican
  • Freedom over everything
  • Pro-Life and Pro-Choice
  • Limited Government
Annette_Davis_Jackson Senate Annette Davis Jackson Republican
  • Youth development
  • Citizen engagement
  • District beautification
  • Veteran Business franchising
Wayne Johnson Senate Wayne Johnson Republican
  • H.S Gruadates get a debt-free college education
  • $50k student debt cancellation
  • Total & Complete Medicare for seniors
  • $2,500 emergency line of credit
  • No student loan/healthcare debt included in Credit Bureau reports
loeffler_kelly-121619-rmb-194r-750w Senate Kelly Loeffler* Republican
  • Fairtrade
  • Pro-life
  • 2nd Amendment protections
  • Accessible and affordable healthcare
jamesia Senate Jamesia James Democrat
  • Raise incomes and restore economics security for the middle class
  • Provide opioid abuse prevention and access to treatment
  • Quality health care coverage 
  • Quality and affordable education
  • Raise the wages of educators 
Tamara Johnson-Shealey Senate Tamara Johnson Democrat
  • Establish a Federal Agency for American Descendants of Slavery
  • Raise minimum wage
  • Medicare for all
  • Public Education/Higher Education
  • Cancel student loan debt
  • Climate justice
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Restore voting rights act
  • Protect 2nd Amendment 
  • Close gun show loophole
Matt Lieberman Senate Matt Lieberman Democrat
  • Climate justice
  • Gun safety 
  • Public health insurance option
  • 21st Century Voting Rights Act
  • Women’s reproductive rights
No picture available  Senate Joy Felicia Slade Democrat Information unavailable
ed_tarver_senate Senate Ed Tarver Democrat
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Peace in the middle east
  • Affordability and accessibility to healthcare
Raphael Warnock Senate Raphael Warnock Democrat
  • Quality and affordable healthcare
  • Living wage
Winfield2 Senate Richard Winfield Democrat
  • Guaranteed Jobs
  • Employee empowerment
  • Balancing family and work
  • Racial and Gender justice
  • Super Medicare for All
  • Reproductive Freedom
  • Internet Access
wEaUafxm_400x400 Senate Brian Slowinski Libertarian
  • Restore moral compass in D.C
  • Pro-life
  • Pro-Second Amendment
  • Protecting all marriage
  • Pardon non-violent offenders 
  • End Federal War on drugs
No picture available  Senate John Fortuin Green Party No information available
Al Bartell Senate Al Bartell Independent
  • Seniors being supported
  • Healthcare Equitably managed
  • Small Businesses developed
  • Violence prevention
  • Stimulus recovery initiative
Allen Buckley Senate Allen Buckley Conservative
  • Government stays out of abortion
  • Maximize separation between church and state
  • Increase freedom and reduce regulation
  • Enforce immigration laws
Jim Risch Senate Jim Risch* Republican 
  • Affordable healthcare
  • Anti- deficit spending
  • Limited government interference in our free market
  • Pro military 
  • Renewable Energy 
  • Pro-Life
  • Pro guns rights 
Paulette E. Jordan Senate Paulette E. Jordan Democrat
  • Affordable healthcare
  • Pro First amendment 
  • Foreign policy activist
Ray_Writz Senate Ray Writz Constitutional Party
  • Pro 2nd amendment 
  • Pro-life
  • Regulated immigration 
  • Increase national defense
Natalie_Fleming Senate  Natalie Fleming  Independent
  • A free trial for higher education
  • Affordable healthcare
  • Ban the selling of private data
  • Pro-life 
Official Portrait Senate Dick Durbin* Democrat
  • Renewable energy 
  • Affordable healthcare
  • Pro justice system
  • Anti guns
Mark Curran Senate Mark Curran  Republican 
  • Pro-life
  • Pro justice system
Danny Malouf Senate Danny Malouf Libertarian 
  • Anti-drug regulations
  • Pro guns
  • Anti affordable healthcare
  • Anti-government interference
  • Pro-life after heartbeat 
Patrick Feges Senate  Patrick Feges Independent
  • College for all
  • Legal immigration 
  • affordable healthcare
  • Anti electoral college 
  • LGBTQ+ supporter
No picture available  Senate  Willie Wilson  Independent 
  • Anti LGBTQ+
  • Civil rights activist

Joni Ernst

Senate Joni Ernst* Republican 
  • Affordable access to contraception
  • Anti-abortion
  • Keep Pell Grants but eliminate the Department of Education
  • No federal involvement in Common Core
  • Does not think climate change is man-made
  • Against gun restrictions
  • A big supporter of ICE
  • Against Affordable Care Act
theresa greenfield Senate Theresa Greenfield Democrat
  • Abortion rights
  • Union rights
  • Equal pay for equal work
  • Supports Pell Grants
  • Supports US-Mexico-Canada trade
  • Supports clean energy and strengthening environmental laws
  • Health care is a right
  • Supports DREAM act
rick stewart Senate Rick Stewart  Libertarian 
  • Sell green cards to immigrants for $50,000
  • Let the private market provide subsidies for higher education
  • Get the government out of health care
  • Get rid of all local SWAT team and make one state-wide SWAT team;
suzanne herzog Senate Suzanne Herzog  Independent
  • Repeal part of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
  • Expand background checks, a federal crime for people to own guys that are not allowed to own them
  • End employer-provided health insurance
  • Separate health insurance from employment
Jason D. Buckley Senate Jason Buckley Libertarian
  • Against taxes
  • Against spy programs and surveillance technology
  • Drugs should not be criminalized
  • Free-market education
  • Remove government from health care
No picture available Senate Paul Tuten (No party) No information available
barbara bolier Senate Barbara Bollier Democrat
  • Higher pay and better benefits for teachers
  • Protect Medicaid and Medicare from cuts in spending
  • Allow the federal government to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies
  • Overturn Citizens United
  • Protect farmers from negative trade policies
Robert-Tillman-PNG Senate Robert Tillman Democrat
  • Legalize marijuana
  • Higher minimum wage
  • Pro-Choice
  • Free health care
  • Immigration reform
  • Protect against gun violence
No picture available Senate Lance Berland Republican No information available
No picture available Senate John Berman Republican No information available
derek ellis Senate Derek Ellis Republican No information available
bob hamilton Senate Bob Hamilton Republican
  • Pro-Life
  • An avid defender of the 2nd Amendment and Freedom of Religion
  • Secure the southern border
  • Repeal Affordable Care Act, focus on free-market ideas in relation to health care
  • Lower taxes for businesses
Kris Kobach Senate Kris Kobach Republican
  • Constitutionalist
  • Reduce government
  • Stop illegal immigration
  • Pro-Life
  • Anti-gun control
03292011Photo by Susan Pfannmuller Senate Dave Lindstrom Republican
  • Anti socialism
  • Limit federal involvement in education
  • Secure the southern border
  • Cut unnecessary spending to reduce the national debt
  • Term limits
  • Against Affordable Care Act
Roger Marshall Senate Roger Marshall Republican
  • Against Medicare for All
  • Pro-Life
  • Against federal spending to boost the economy
  • Supports renewable energy
  • Against regulations on greenhouse gas emissions
  • Term limits
  • Illegal immigrants must return to their country of origin
Brian Matlock Senate Brian Matlock Republican Socialist
  • A locally administered job guarantee
  • Housing for all
  • Immediate citizenship for DACA recipients
  • Medicare for all
  • Criminal justice reform
No picture available Senate John Miller Republican No information available
steve roberts Senate Steve Roberts Republican
  • Fixing public schools
  • Increasing economic opportunity
  • Single-pool healthcare
No picture available Senate Gabriel Mark Robles Republican No Information Available
Mitch McConnel


Senate Mitch McConnell* Republican
  • Pro-Life
  • National debt reduction is a priority
  • School vouchers
  • Supports requiring schools to allow voluntary prayer
  • Opposes gun control but does not take $ from the NRA
  • Against greenhouse gas regulations and renewable energy
  • Repeal Affordable Care Act
  • Flag-burning is free speech
brad barron Senate Brad Barron Libertarian
  • Require full audit of Federal Reserve
  • Get rid of the IRS
  • Work toward closing bases abroad and bringing troops home
  • Government accountability
  • Right to self-defense
  • Justice in Police Reform
derek Senate Derek Leonard Petteys Reform Party
  • Working-class values
  • Pro-Life
  • Economic Freedom
  • Protecting our Children
download Senate Alyssa Dara McDowell Independent Information not available
Jimmy Ausbrooks Senate Jimmy Ausbrooks Democrat
  • Climate change
  • Free education, fully funded K-12 education
  • Free Community College and Public universities
  • Student Loan Forgiveness
  • Pro-Choice
  • Pro-2nd Amendment anti-assault rifle
  • Universal healthcare
  • Pro LGBTQ+ (Openly Gay)
  • Living wage
charles booker Senate Charles Booker Democrat
  • Medicare for all
  • Green New Deal
  • Universal Basic Income (UBI)
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Immigration Reform
  • Protecting & Expanding Voting Rights
  • Relieving Student Debt
  • Getting Money out of Politics
  • Marijuana Legalization
  • Reproductive Rights
  • Common Sense Gun Control
  • Supporting LGBTQIA+ community
  • Racial justice
  • Public Education
Mike_Broihier Senate Mike Broihier Democrat
  • Economic equality
  • Universal Basic Income
  • Workers Rights
  • LGBTQIA+ Equality
  • Parental Paid Leave
  • Medicare for All
  • Rural Healthcare
  • Pro-Choice
  • Climate Change
  • Tax Reform
  • Gun Reform
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Immigration Reform
No picture available Senate Maggie Jo Hilliard Democrat Information not available
No picture available Senate Andrew Maynard Democrat Information not available


Senate Amy McGrath Democrat
  • Pro-Choice
  • Income tax increase on wealthy
  • Investment in renewable energy
  • Supports Affordable Care Act but should be improved
  • Should require background checks at gun shows and private gun purchases
  • Against the wall on the border
  • Investment in rural broadband and infrastructure development
  • Supports the Paris Climate Accord
eric-rothmuller_0 Senate Eric Rothmuller Democrat
  • Get money out of politics
  • Medicare for all
  • Combat Climate Change
  • Rebuild and Modernize Infrastructure
  • Raise minimum wage
  • Workers Rights
  • Tuition-Free College
  • Student Loan Forgiveness
  • Automated Voter Registration
  • Legalize Marijuana
  • Decriminalize Drugs
  • Women’s Rights & Equality
  • Immigration Reform
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Ending partisan gerrymandering
  • Universal Basic Income
No picture available Senate John Sharpensteen Democrat No Information Available
bennie smith Senate Bennie Smith Democrat
  • Common sense gun laws
  • Pro-2nd Amendment, Anti-NRA
  • Raise Minimum Wage
  • Raising teachers salaries
  • Universal Healthcare
  • Youth Empowerment
  • Addiction Recovery Programs
  • Women’s Rights
  • Abolishing predatory bail
  • Rescheduling Marijuana
  • Immigration Reform with a pathway to citizenship 
mary ann tobin Senate Mary Ann Tobin Democrat
  • Unite both sides
  • Bring back the power of state government
  • Keep Kentucky Beautiful
Bill Cassidy Senate Bill Cassidy* Republican
  • Against Green New Deal
  • Cut spending to reduce the national debt as a priority
  • Against Common Core
  • Against sanctuary cities
  • Supports wall on the southern border
Antoine Pierce Senate Antoine Pierce Democrat
  • Medicare for All
  • Raise minimum wage
  • Tax cuts for the poor and middle class
  • Universal childcare/Pre-K
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Legalize medicinal and recreational marijuana use
  • Subsidize renewable energy
Senate Peter Wenstrup Democrat No information available
Senate Dartanyon A. Williams Democrat
  • No information available on his Senate race, but he wrote Master Identity Thief
No picture available Senate Gregory Fitch Independent No information available
Jamar_Montgomery Senate Jamar Myers-Montgomery Independent
  • Protect personal and private information via Cybersecurity
  • Believes every student should have teaching methods that serve each student’s learning style
Lisa Savage Senate Lisa Savage Green Party
  • Supports the Green New Deal
  • Supports Medicare for All and Healthcare as a right
  • Paid Family and Medical Leave
  • Free Childcare and Pre-K for all
  • Supports Demilitarizing the Police
  • Against NECEC
  • Supports ending the drug war and opioid epidemic
  • Wants to invest in infrastructure to revitalize rural Maine
  • Regulate the use of personal data tightly
  • In support of cutting military spending by at least 50% 
  • In support of protecting the U.S Postal Service 
tiffany bond


Senate Tiffany Bond Independent  Not available
Independent U.S. Senate candidate Danielle VanHelsing. (Photo provided) Senate Danielle Van Helsing Independent 
  • Bring Jobs
  • Infrastructure Improvements
  • Equality & Hope
Sara Gideon Senate Sara Gideon Democrat
  • Supports No Budget, No pay. 
  • In support of reforming Washington by banning former members of Congress from becoming lobbyists. 
  • Supports expanding affordable healthcare
  • Against big pharmaceutical companies
  • Believes tax breaks should go to hardworking families in Maine
  • Supports rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement
  • Supports investing in the clean energy economy
  • Supports the expansion of small business and infrastructure
  • Supports raising the minimum wage
  • Supports expanding access to reproductive care
  • Pro-Choice
  • Supports Planned Parenthood
  • Supports expanding access to affordable addiction treatment
  • Supports holding big pharmaceutical companies accountable for their role in the crisis. 
  • Supports the Equality Act
  • Supports anti-discrimination laws to protect the LGBTQ community
  • Supports protecting benefits of Seniors and Social Security
  • Supports protecting the troops and providing more resources for the troops
nypD2hTE Senate Bre Kidman Democrat
  • Supports combating corruption in Congress
  • Supports criminal justice reform 
  • Supports decriminalizing most drug offenses 
  • Supports solving the opioid crisis
  • Supports protecting constitutional rights
  • Supports the Green New Deal
  • Supports Healthcare as a Human Right
betsy Senate Betsy Sweet Democrat
  • Supports Medicare for All
  • Supports Paid sick leave, paid medical leave
  • Against price gouging
  • Supports the Green New Deal
  • Supports debt-free higher education
  • Supports to end the corrupting of money in politics
  • Supports the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment 
  • Pro-Choice
  • Supports closing the gender pay gap
  • Supports funding VAWA
  • Supports expanding and protecting Social Security
  • Supports Common Sense Gun Laws
  • Supports the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana
  • In support of Police Reform and Racial Justice
Collins-Susan-2017-honorand-1389-vert-1080x Senate Susan Collins* Republican
  • Pro-Choice
  • Supports Planned Parenthood
  • Supports the expansion of Affordable Care Act
  • Supports same-sex marriage
  • Supports privatized social security
  • Opposes taxing the wealthy
  • Supports prioritizing Green Energy
  • Supports making voter registration easier
  • Supports stimulus economy
  • Supports expanding the military
No picture available Senate Andre Gray Green Party No information available
No picture available Senate Frederick Mayock Independent No information available
ed-markey-1 Senate Edward J. Markey Democrat
  • Pro competition policies in regards to the economy
  • Support the Green New Deal
  • Supports the strengthening of Medicare and Medicaid 
  • Against the Trump Administration’s views on Immigration
  • Supports common-sense gun reform
  • Denounced Trumps transgender military ban
  • Supports improving the quality of education
joe kennedy Senate Joseph Kennedy III Democrat
  • Supports strong public schools and universal pre-k
  • Supports Equality Act
  • Founder of Do No Harm Act
  • Supports Equal Rights Amendment
  • Supports Planned Parenthood and Roe v Wade
  • Supports re-entering Paris Climate Agreement
  • Supports the Affordable Care Act
Shiva Ayyadurai Senate Shiva Ayyadurai Republican
  • Clean air clean water, clean food
  • End censorship in media and online
  • Personalized Healthcare for All
  • Free college engineering education
  • Research on gun violence
  • Security on borders

Kevin O'Connor

Senate Kevin O’Connor Republican
  • Support police training and qualified immunity
  • Clean air and water
  • Renewable energy
  • Competition in healthcare
  • Stronger borders
  • Term limits
  • Against New Green Deal
download (1) Senate Valerie Willis Independent
  • Jobs
  • Medical plan for veterans
  • Support, uphold, and defend constitutional rights
  • Pro 2nd-Amendment
  • Pro-Life
  • Emptying Foster Homes
  • Equality
  • Overhaul criminal justice system
  • Private insurance
No picture available Senate Gregory Charles Jones Independent No information available
Gary Peters Senate Gary Peters Democrat
  • Strengthening Michigan’s economy
  • Expanding access to affordable healthcare
  • Protecting public schools and education
  • Defending the Great Lakes and Environment
  • Keeping Michigan safe
  • Fighting for Women
  • Standing up for Agriculture and Rural Communities
  • Equity & Justice


Senate John James Republican No information available
Tina Smith Senate Tina Smith Democrat
  • Strong & Diverse economy
  • Affordable high-quality healthcare
  • Quality Education
  • Action on Gun Violence
  • Supporting farmers 
  • Women’s Economic Health and Security
  • Preserving Social Security
  • LGBTQIA+ rights
  • Protecting the environment
  • Dreamers & Immigrants
  • Campaign Finance Reform
  • Collective Bargaining Rights
  • Justice for George Floyd and Police Reform
Steve_Carlson Senate Steve Carlson Democrat
  • Safe, Secure and Bilateral Mexican border
  • Jobs
  • America First Trade
  • Cancer
  • Ending War on Women
No picture available Senate Ahmad Hassan Democrat No information available
106279955_2880360232092875_1890248486688872058_n Senate Christopher Lovell Seymore Sr. Democrat No information available
Paula Overby Senate Paula Overby Democrat
  • Government of the people, for the people, and by the people.
  • Medicare for all
  • Create jobs
  • Invest in global cooperative
  • Wealth taxes
  • Social Equity
  • Ending war on drugs
  • Immigration reform
  • Family leave
  • The separation between church & state
  • Gun control
No picture available Senate John Berman Republican No Information Available
No picture available Senate Bob Carney Jr. Republican No Information Available
Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 1.01.38 PM


Senate Cynthia Gail Republican No Information Available

Jason Lewis_1

Senate Jason Lewis Republican No information available
No picture available Senate James Reibestein Republican No information available
No picture available Senate Oliver Steinberg Grassroots – Legalize Cannabis Party of Minnesota No Information Available
No picture available Senate Kevin O’Connor Republican
  • Supporting Law Enforcement
  • Clean air & water
  • Pro-2nd Amendment
  • Favors increasing healthcare competition, expanding premium tax credits for middle-income families, and moving more subsidy-eligible individuals into Marketplace plans.
  • Stronger borders
  • Improving infrastructure
  • Election Integrity
  • Tax reform
  • Climate Change
  • Anti-Green New Deal
Cindy Hyde-Smith Senate Cindy Hyde-Smith* Republican
  • Pro-2nd Amendment
  • Balancing the budget
  • Pro-Life
  • Common sense patient-centered healthcare 
  • Repealing Affordable Care Act
  • Stopping illegal Immigration
  • Supporting Military and Veterans
Mike Espy Senate Mike Espy Democrat
  • Expanding Medicaid
  • Increasing access to education
  • Innovative economy
No picture available Senate Jimmy Edwards Libertarian Information not available
Steve Daines Senate Steve Daines* Republican
  • Pro-Life – no exceptions for rape or incest
  • Against increasing national debt
  • Against Common Core
  • Supports offshore drilling
  • Repeal Affordable Care Act
  • Supports ICE
  • Reduced Defense spending
  • Supports VAWA
stevebullock Senate Steve Bullock Democrat
  • Raise federal minimum wage to $15/hr
  • Against for-profit charter schools
  • Does not support reparations
  • Universal background checks and voluntary buyback programs
  • DACA
  • Capital punishment for limited circumstances
No picture available Senate Wendie Fredrickson Green Party No Information Available
Ben Sasse Senate Ben Sasse* Republican
  • Reform tax law by eliminating special-interest loopholes and reducing taxes for individuals and business
  • Stronger security against terrorist attacks
  • Expand health care and lower costs for Americans
  • Limited government
  • Reform entitlements

Chris Janicek

Senate Chris Janicek Democrat
  • Support criminal background checks
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Better, reformed training for police officers
  • DACA
  • Affordable education
  • Pro-Choice
  • Living wage
No picture available Senate Gene Siadek Libertarian No Information Available
New Hampshire
W0wZh4Bd Senate Justin O’Donnell Libertarian
  • Restoring the right to self-defense
  • Ending war on drugs
  • Scale back police state
  • End never-ending wars
  • Stop stealing from future generations

Shaheen-021109-18432- 0009
Shaheen-021109-18432- 0009
Senate Jeanne Shaheen* Democrat
  • Putting NH first
  • Reducing the cost of healthcare
  • Bolstering economy and creating jobs
  • Confronting Coronavirus
  • Delivering for veterans
  • Fighting for Women’s Rights
  • Protecting National Security
  • Addressing Climate Change
  • Reforming Immigration
  • Strengthening Education System
  • Combating Opioid Epidemic
  • Safe and Clean Drinking Water
No picture available Senate Tom Alciere Democrat Information not available
No picture available Senate Paul Krautmann Democrat Information not available
hqdefault Senate Gerard Beloin Republican Information not available
Don Bolduc Senate Don Bolduc Republican
  • Border Security
  • Fixing the VA
  • Free Market Competition
  • Repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act
  • Pro-2nd Amendment

andy martin

Senate Andy Martin Republican No Information Available
Bryant Messner Senate Bryant Messner Republican
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Border Security
  • Pro-Family and Pro-Life
  • Pro-2nd Amendment
  • Free-Market Healthcare
  • Accessible Education
  • Serving Veterans and Military
New Jersey
No picture available Senate Madelyn Hoffman Green Party No information available
400square-legacy Senate Daniel Burke LaRouche Independent
  • Colonize Mars
  • USA, India, China, and Russia Cooperation
  • Four Laws to Save U.S Economy
veronica Senate Veronica Fernandez Independent
  • Campaign Finance Reform
  • Racial Justice
  • Police Reform
  • Term Limits
  • Medicare for All
  • Reproductive and Sexual Healthcare
No picture available Senate Luis Vergara Independent Information Not Available
Cory_Booker_Official Senate Cory Booker* Democrat Information Not Available
lawerence hamm Senate Lawrence Hamm Democrat
  • Social Justice
  • Reparations for African Americans
  • Medicare for All
  • Jobs for All
  • Legalizing Marijuana
  • Thurgood-Marshall Plan for education
  • Police and prison reform
  • Poverty & Economic Inequality
  • LGBTQ+ Equality
  • Housing 
  • Racism & Inequality
No picture available Senate Eugene Anagnos Republican Information Not Available
download (2) Senate Tricia Flanagan Republican
  • Affordable Healthcare
  • Less Taxation
  • More Jobs & Innovation
Rik Mehta Senate Rik Mehta Republican
  • Right to Life
  • Honoring Military
  • Free Trade
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • School Choice
  • 2nd Amendment Rights
  • Balancing the Budget
  • Fight Against Opioid Epidemic
  • Immigration
download (3) Senate Natalie Lynn Rivera Republican
  • Immigration and border security
  • Pro-2nd Amendment
  • Right to Life
  • Cut Federal Spending

Hirsh Singh

Senate Hirsh Singh Republican Information Not Available
New Mexico
download (4) Senate Ben Ray Lujan Democrat
  • Child & Family Wellness
    • Child Health Outreach and Mentorship Program Act
  • Veterans & Military Families
  • Creating Economic Opportunity
  • Equality for all
  • Base and labs
  • Comprehensive immigration reform
  • Criminal justice reform
  • Women’s Rights
  • Pro-Choice
  • Conservation and public lands
  • Clean energy
  • Tribal Sovereignty & Native Communities
  • Healthcare as a right
Mark-Ronchetti Senate Mark Ronchetti Republican
  • Pro-2nd Amendment
  • Pro-life
  • Private insurance
  • Ending the crime epidemic
  • Support for
Bob_Walsh_for_Senate_2020_Headshot_720x-214x300 Senate Bob Walsh Libertarian
  • Deregulation for jobs
  • Defending the right to engage in any peaceful and honest activity
North Carolina
download (5) Senate Thom Tillis* Republican
  • Pro-Life; against Planned Parenthood
  • Lower corporate taxes
  • End Common Core
  • Against federal regulations of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Increased criminal penalties for people that do not abide by the law with guns
  • Repeal and replace Affordable Care Act
  • Increased defense spending
  • Supports Trump’s opinions on immigration
James__Cal__Cunningham_(cropped) Senate Cal Cunningham Democrat
  • Pro-Choice
  • Against Citizens United
    • Does not accept money from PACs
  • Expand background checks, ban the sale of high-capacity magazines, fund gun violence research
  • Expand Medicaid, supports the Affordable Care Act
  • DREAMers and comprehensive immigration reform
No picture available Senate Kevin E. Hayes Constitution Party No information available
No picture available Senate Jeremy Thomas Independence Party No information available
ShannonBray Senate Shannon Bray Libertarian
  • Homeland & Cybersecurity
  • Smart technology
  • Character, Integrity, and Respect of elected officials
No picture available Senate Robert Murphy Libertarian No information available
Joan_Farr Senate Joan Farr Independent
  • Justice Amendment
  • “Get out of debt plan”
  • Abolish 5G 
  • “God Squad” of women
  • No separation between faith and state
  • Prayer in schools
  • Does not support the Me-Too movement
April_Nesbit1 Senate April Nesbit Independent
  • Children’s advocacy
  • Financial security 


Senate Sheila Bilyeu Democrat No information available


Senate Elysabeth Britt Democrat No information available
5e90ccb05b33d.image Senate Abby Broyles Democrat
  • Closing the gender pay gap
  • Options for healthcare
  • Climate Change
  • Keeping kids safe
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Decriminalizing Marijuana
  • Uplifting farmers
  • Caring for our vets
No picture available Senate R.O. Joe Cassity Democrat No information available
Jim Inhofe Senate Jim Inhofe* Republican
  • Taking down the Green New Deal
  • Ending government-funded abortion
NeilMavis Senate Neil Mavis Republican
  • Congressional term limits
  • End of secret courts and FISA
  • Amend the STOCK Act to end insider trading
  • End Civil Asset Forfeiture
  • End Warrantless Searches
5db328756b53e.image Senate JJ Stitt Republican
  • Pro-2nd Amendment
No picture available Senate John Tompkins Republican No information available 
Merkley_official_photo Senate Jeff Merkley* Democrat
  • Supports anti-discrimination initiatives
  • All students that are capable should have access to higher education
  • Health care is a right
  • Against the privatization of Social Security and Medicare
  • Protect public lands and preserve natural resources
download (6) Senate Jo Rae Perkins Republican
  • Allow states to be in charge of land management and regulations
  • Against toll roads, supports gas taxes instead
  • Pro-Life
  • Veterans have the right to choose and receive the best medical care they can
  • Supports the right of parents not to vaccinate their children
wp-1584310434780 Senate Ibrahim Taher Green Party
  • Protect natural resources and environment
  • Health care is a right
  • Higher wages for workers
  • The government should control the flow of media information
  • Religious education should be an option; sexual education should include contraception methods and pregnancy control
Rhode Island
Jack Reed Senate Jack Reed* Democrat
  • Improve disaster and emergency relief response
  • Equal treatment under the law
  • Equal pay
  • Supports diplomacy and keeping weapons of mass destruction out of the hands of terrorists
  • Preserve local farms
  • Ease student debt and ensure interest rates are kept low
  • Comprehensive immigration reform
  • Supports Affordable Care Act
Allen_Waters_01 Senate Allen Waters Republican
  • Taxes should fund all educational options
  • Replace federal income tax with a national sales tax
  • Close the IRS
  • Supports allowing the private sector, such as banks, to back student loans, instead of the government
South Carolina
Lindsey Graham Senate Lindsey Graham* Republican
  • Pro-Life, defund Planned Parenthood
  • Against increasing the debt limit
  • Supports the death penalty
  • Against medical marijuana
  • Against Common Core
  • Supports funding the teaching of abstinence in schools
29harrison1-superJumbo Senate Jaime Harrison Democrat
  • Supports lowering the cost of healthcare for people that cannot afford it
  • Wants to make college affordable for all that want to work for it and supports all affordable educational options after high school, including vocational school and technical school
  • Reduce use of fossil fuels, protect clean water and air, opposes drilling
  • Paid family and sick leave, tax credits for child care
download (7) Senate Bill Bledsoe Constitution/Libertarian
  • Repeal Affordable Care Act
  • Pro-Life
  • Only engage in military actions if attacked by someone
  • Against Common Core
South Dakota
Mike_Rounds_official_Senate_portrait1 Senate Mike Rounds* Republican
  • Stronger border security
  • Against restrictions on owning guns
  • Repeal and replace Affordable Care Act
  • Supports Every Child Achieves Act
  • A balanced budget is a priority
1b95c948-a8d4-49cb-a7b9-eb9366be3c4b-DanAhlers Senate Dan Ahlers Democrat
  • Must invest in educational services, including education for deaf children
  • Supports conservation, sustainability, and coal
  • Supports more affordable health care
  • Supports investment in higher education
No picture available Senate Yomi Faparusi Independent
  • Information Not Available
No picture available Senate Jeffrey Grunau Independent
  • Information Not Available
download (8) Senate Ronnie Henley Independent
  • Separation of church and state
download (9) Senate Dean Hill Independent
  • Against 2 party system
  • Against lgbtq+ activists
  • Against quarantine 
No picture available Senate Steven Hooper Independent
  • Information Not Available
No picture available Senate Aaron James Independent
  • School board history
download (10) Senate Elizabeth McLeod Independent
  • Anti deficit spending
Feb172020335PM_80182230_IMG_8342 Senate Kacey Morgan Independent
  • Anti lobbyists 
  • Anti big business 
  • Pro nonprofit organizations 
No picture available  Senate Eric William Stansberry Independent Information not available
marquita.5d9626593004c Senate Marquita Bradshaw Democrat
  • Affordable healthcare
  • Affordable education
  • Pro Green new Deal
  • Restrict the second amendment 
No picture available Senate Gary Davis Democrat Information Not Available
Robin-Kimbrough-2018-e1556119973217 Senate Robin Kimbrough Democrat
  • Reform the criminal justice system 
  • Pro-choice
  • Gun reform 
  • A minimum wage of $15 or more 
  • LGBTQ+  supporter 
James_Mackler_0005.5a021e3c19dc5.5e20c0e5dfb1c Senate James Mackler Democrat
  • Expand affordable healthcare
  • Increase the minimum wage
  • Anti lobbyist 
mpickrell Senate Mark Pickrell Democrat
  • Expand affordable healthcare
  • Financial market reform 
  • Lower higher education costs
No picture available  Senate Clifford Adkins Republican Information Not Available
NatishaBrooks Senate Natisha Brooks Republican
  • Pro veteran benefits
photo Senate Byron Bush Republican
  • SBA supporter
  • Border security 
  • Second amendment supporter
  • Pro-life 
  • Cut Government programs
  • Anti affordable healthcare
RoyCope Senate  Roy Cope Republican
  • Improve veteran care
  • Pro-Life
  • Defending second amendment
  • SBA supporter
No picture available Senate Terry Dicus Republican Information Not Available
TomEmersonJr Senate Tom Emerson Jr. Republican
  • Vietnam veteran 
  • Eliminate career politicians 
  • Senate should be no more than four terms or 8 years
  • Repeal affordable healthcare
  • Strong military
  • Pro second amendment 
  • Support Israel 
  • Support domestic oil drilling 
  • Anti lobbyists
  • Anti LGBTQ+
  • Abortion should only save the mother’s life.
X8Yj6S8e_400x400 Senate George Flinn Jr. Republican
  • Fund a medical supply stockpile 
  • Senators need to be prosecuted
  • Affordable higher education 
  • Competitive healthcare
  • Veteran care activist 
  • National debt plan 
download (11) Senate Bill Hagerty Republican
  • Pro police officers 
  • Anti-illegal immigration 
  • Supporting military 
  • Stand with Israel 
  • Pro 2nd amendment 
  • Pro-life
  • Tax cuts
  • Competitive healthcare
  • The USA should be energy independent 
Jon_Henry Senate Jon Henry Republican
  • Strong national defense 
  • Reduce government regulations
  • Pro-life
  • Protect 2nd amendments
  • Defend farmers
  • Reduce term length 
NxCSZg4r_400x400 Senate Kent Morrell Republican
  • Healthcare reform
  • Veteran supporter
  • Mental health supporter
  • Affordable college
  • Border security
  • Pro-life
  • Pro second amendment 
  • Reduce term lengths
uh5 Senate Glen Neal Republican
  • Affordable healthcare reform
  • Investigate congress members
download (12) Senate John Osborne Republican
  • Government reform 
  • Affordable healthcare reform 
  • Pro-life 
  • Pro second amendment 
  • SBA supporter
XP8L6sPy_400x400 Senate Aaron Pettigrew Republican
  • Black lives matters supporter
  • Peaceful protests
  • Reduce federal power
  • Anti globalism
  • Veterans first 
No picture available Senate David Schuster Republican No information available
1200px-Manny_Sethi_(cropped) Senate Manny Sethi Republican
  • Pro-life
  • Legal immigration 
  • Affordable healthcare reform
  • A supporter of the second amendment 
  • Veteran supporter 
1200px-John_Cornyn Senate John Cornyn* Republican
  • Repeal Affordable Care Act
  • Increase production of fossil fuels and explore alternative energy sources
  • Secure the southern border and common-sense immigration reforms
  • Reduce taxation on businesses
  • Allow states and federal programs the ability to create educational programs
No picture available Senate Cedric Jefferson People Over Politics Party No information available
No picture available Senate James Brumley The Human Rights Party No information available
No picture available Senate Tim Smith Independent No information available
No picture available Senate Arjun Srinivasan Independent No information available
ricardo Senate Ricardo Turullols-Bonilla Independent
  • The US should remain a part of the UN
  • The killing of Qassem Soleimani was illegal
  • Pro-Choice
  • Gun reform and gun restrictions
  • Equal pay for equal work
  • Planned Parenthood should be federally funded
LT5MJGH6DD3ZAZ3BSIHMAQU7HI Senate Mary Jennings Hegar Democrat
  • Comprehensive reform to police brutality and racial inequality
  • Legalize marijuana
  • End child separation and have asylum seekers’ claims processed properly
  • Close the gun show loophole and require background checks on all gun purchases
RoyceWest Senate Royce West Democrat
  • Comprehensive reform to police brutality and racial inequality
  • Women’s rights
  • Voting rights
  • Legalize Marijuana
  • Supports body cameras
Mark_Warner_113th_Congress_photo Senate Mark Warner* Democrat
  • Commonsense immigration reform
  • Protection of personal information
  • Make college more affordable
  • Research on carbon capture technology
  • Renewable energy
Daniel_Gade Senate Daniel Gade Republican
  • Right to bear arms
  • Right to unrestricted free speech
  • Equal protection of all, regardless of race, class, or religion
  • Limited federal government
  • Increase national defense spending
download (13) Senate Mary Knapp Independent
  • Tax cuts
  • Oppose unfair trade practices
  • Address corruption in Washington
  • Supports immigration
  • Lower cost of prescription drugs and reform health care
AlMina Senate Al Mina Independent
  • Modernizing the U.S
West Virginia
220px-Shelley_Moore_Capito_official_Senate_photo Senate Shelley Moore Capito* Republican
  • Expanded benefits for servicemen and veterans
  • Rural health initiatives and community health centers
  • Low taxes for small businesses
  • Supports rural schools and non-traditional educational paths
  • Supports legislation that helps employees repay student loans back
Paula-Jean-Home-Page-xl Senate Paula Jean Swearengin Democrat
  • Invest in broadband, telecommunications, and internet
  • Decriminalize marijuana and legalize the production
  • Medicare for All
  • Tuition-free state colleges
  • Federal subsidies in childcare
No picture available Senate Franklin Riley Unaffiliated No information available
5ec1b00fc935a83c35410139_MBDHeadshot_3_alt1 Senate Merav Ben-David Democrat
  • Universal health care
  • Lower debt for higher education
  • Reduce carbon emissions and regulate/manage greenhouse gases
  • Supports gun usage with better hunter training programs
Screenshot_2018-08-14-10-27-59-1 Senate Ken Casner Democrat
  • Better internet access
  • Better prenatal care
  • Development of renewable energy
  • Consolidate school districts along county lines
No picture available Senate James Kirk DeBrine Democrat
  • Progressive
  • Supports renewable energy
  • Supports broader internet access
  • Prison reform
  • Justice reform
5d019dcd14dd7.image Senate Yana Ludwig* Democrat
  • Increase protections for the LGBTQ community
  • Socialism
  • Police reform
  • Universal healthcare
  • Legalize marijuana & remove incarceration records
5ed6c9c7c05ec.image Senate Nathan Wendt Democrat
  • Climate change & Carbon-capture lab
  • Economic diversification
  • Supports investment in wind energy
  • Medicare-For-All
Screenshot_2018-08-14-10-24-50-1 Senate Rex Wilde Democrat
  • Carbon Capture & renewable energy
  • Consider doubling pay for teachers
  • One federal three-day holiday every month
download Senate R. Mark Armstrong Republican
  • Rewrite the National Environmental Policy Act
  • Supports the fossil fuel industry
  • Require country of origin labeling
  • The federal government has too much power
download (1) Senate Devon Cade Republican
  • Previously a Democrat
  • Ban choke-holds, “no-knock warrants”, and vehicle targeting/profiling
  • Better benefits for veterans
  • Speed up oil and gas permits for small businesses
Screen Shot 2020-07-28 at 8.04.54 PM Senate John Holtz Republican
  • Supports burning fossil fuels
  • Tax cuts
  • Private sector economy
  • Against Affordable Care Act
  • Limited federal government
No picture available Senate Michael Kemler Republican No information available
CynthiaLummis Senate Cynthia Lummis Republican
  • Access to public lands
  • Remove the grizzly bear from the Endangered Species Act
  • Look for solutions to chronic wasting disease
  • Protect the 2nd Amendment and make sure federal land stays open for recreational hunting
homeright-pic Senate Bryan Miller Republican
  • The national debt is a threat
  • Education should be left to the states
  • States should manage  natural resources, including wildlife
  • Right to Life


Senate Star Roselli Republican
  • Protection of the 2nd Amendment
  • Pro-Life
  • Stop borrowing from Social Security
  • Church and state are connected
20200220-093819-Robert-Short Senate Robert Short Republican
  • Replace Affordable Care Act
  • Support private health care
  • Stop the capital gains tax, aka “death tax”
  • Support Country of Origin Labeling
JoshuaWheeler Senate Joshua Wheeler Republican
  • Unblock public lands
  • Pro-Life
  • Cap taxation
  • Term limits
  • Stronger benefits and care for veterans