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       Biden                      versus                   Trump

1. Establish a True Small Business Fund: allocate half (at least $30 billion) of funds set aside in Congress for small business lenders to specifically employers with 50 employees or less along with keeping a dashboard of lenders to ensure both women-owned and minority-owned small businesses are being represented.

2. Transform unemployment insurance into Employment Insurance for millions of workers by getting all 50 states to adopt and dramatically scale up short-time compensation programs.

3. Adopt Senator Warren’s comprehensive program to reform the bankruptcy system to give people a second chance.


Prior to COVD-19, the economy was flourishing. In July 2018, the economy had its 93rd consecutive month of job growth, which the longest stretch in American history. A Gallup poll in 2018 also concluded that 65% of Americans believed it was a good economical time to find a high quality job. However, it is important to note that this trend of a lowering unemployment rate began in 2012 during Obama’s second term.
Biden’s proposed response would have included free testing to all citizens and the elimination of cost barriers to treatment of COVID-19 and preventive measures. Economically, Biden would have begun with emergency paid leave to all individuals effected by the pandemic and to ensure the passive of progressive policies to protect small businesses.

COVID-19 Response

Trump’s response to the pandemic has been categorized as slow and ineffective. There has been a lot of disregard for the recommendations of the CDC, most notably Trump’s refusal to wear a mask even though the CDC has recommended everyone wearing a mask in public places. The reopening of states has always caused backlash due to the worry of a spike in cases and the lack of the federal government to step in to regulate the reopening.

Overall, Biden proposes to protect Obamacare to ensure the coverage of contraception and low cost prescriptions for all Americans, but focused on women. He also proposes to codify Roe v. Wade and the support the repeal of the Hyde Amendment. Lastly, Biden intends to restore federal funding to Planned Parenthood through Medicaid and Title X.


Trump has appointed Judges  Kavanaugh and Gorsuch to the Supreme Court that hold views that have the ability to overturn Roe v. Wade.


Trump repealed the Affordable Care Act which had required women’s insurance to include access to birth control at no extra cost. Therefore, this protection is no longer guaranteed.


Trump has revoked protections for Planned Parenthood but has not defunded it completely.


Trump’s appointed Department of Education Sectary Betsy DeVos has repealed Title IX rules that require colleges to address sexual harassment.


Biden intends to shift the rhetoric of American values back to welcoming immigrations. Biden intends to shift the U.S. Immigration system back to its commitment of helping asylum-seekers and refugees. Some of his methods include ending policies of family separation at the border, add more humanitarian resources to the border, and redirect funds from detention center to case management instead.


Trump has passed immigration executive orders during his time in office, most notably during his first 100 days he passed two executive orders. The first one, titled Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvement, included the construction of a physical border wall and more border patrol personnel. It also expanded the amount of detention centers and the detention of immigrants to a level never seen before along with also limiting the ability for people to apply for asylum in the U.S. The second notable executive order, titled Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States, this prohibiting federal funding to sanctuary cities and increased the amount of local immigration enforcement agents.
Biden has multiple plans for various areas of foreign policy. Beginning with Central America, Biden will commit a $4 billion regional strategy to address factors driving migration by addressing corruption and funding civil society organizations to help certain Central American countries. Biden will also terminate any travel bans on Muslim-majority countries. In terms of international leadership, Biden will take a stand globally on violence against women and bring science back into the discussion of climate change.

Foreign Policy

Trump has made a lot of large, unprecedented movies in foreign relations. Here is a list of key events during his term:

–       2017 Withdraw U.S. from Trans-Pacific Partnership

–       2017 Implemented ninety day travel ban from six Muslim-majority countries and indefinite freeze on intake of Syrian refugees

–       2017 Withdraw from 2015 Paris Accord Agreement regarding worldwide carbon emissions

–       2017 Recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital which contradicted past American rhetoric

–       2018 U.S.-China trade war

–       2018 Withdraw from Iran Nuclear Agreement

–       2018 Moved U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem

–       2018 Trump meets with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un

–       2018 Withdraw from UN Human Rights Council

–       2018 New NAFTA announced

–       2019 Impeachment inquiry regarding communications with Ukraine

–       2020 U.S. – Taliban Agreement

Biden’s proposed comprehensive plan for climate change includes ensuring the U.S. meets 100% clean energy economy no later than 2050, rally other leading countries to address climate change, stand up to polluters that harm low-income communities and communities of color, protect workers and communities that were dependent on the economic growth from the industrial revolution.


The Trump Administration has a long list of rollbacks regarding environmental policies, this is a list of 2019 actions:

–       Offshore Drilling Safety Rules Rolled Back

–       Signed approval for interstate oil pipelines which state governments were attempting to block

–       New permit issued for Keystone XL Pipeline

–       Oil and gas companies allowed to intrude on Sage Grouse (at risk bird) habitat

–       Trump signed bill protecting millions of acres of public lands which was well-received by environmentalist groups

–       Trump assigned Andrew Wheeler as EPA Administrator who has undone many Obama-era regulations on coal plants and cars

–       Executive Order that increased logging on public lands

Biden’s criminal justice reform plan is adopting Congressman Bobby Scott’s SAFE Justice Act. This act would prevent crime, eliminate the racial disparities in the justice system, offer more second chances, reduce violence, and support victims of crime.

Criminal Justice Reform

In December 2018, Trump passed a bipartisan bill titled First Step Act. This bill signaled a shift from GOP away from the law and order rhetoric of the 1980s. This bill included shortened sentences for drug felonies and expanding work experience programs in prisons.
Biden will continue to promote and protect the Affordable Care Act (commonly called Obamacare) to provide more choice, reduce costs, and make the healthcare sys


Trump has repealed Obamacare but him and his coalition in Congress has struggled in passing a replacement plan.
Biden will create a new senior position in the White House dedicated to disability community engagement and policy creation. Biden will also aggressively enforce protecting civil rights for people with disabilities. Biden will also create and pass legislation consistent with the Supreme Court decision in Olmstead v. L.C. which requires the government to make appropriate accommodations for disabled people in the workplace.

Disabled People

With the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, this included cuts to Medicaid which the main insurance provider to individuals with disabilities because of a new Trump addition stating that they must be employed to receive Medicaid. This has caused many disabled people to lose health insurance.
Biden will ensure that two years of community college or training programs will be offered debt-free to students. Biden will also allocate more money towards community colleges.

Secondary Education

Trump has not passed any new policies, instead each year he consistently decreases the budget for the education system. The 2019 cut eliminated 29 programs and a total of $8.5 billion dollars removed.
Biden commits that he will enact the Equality Act which ensures equal protection under the law for LGBTQ individuals during his first one hundred days. Biden will reverse the transgender military ban. Biden will also reverse Department of Defense policies that continues the stigmatization of people with HIV in the military.

LGBTQ+ Rights

Trump has appointed two Supreme Court judges who hold anti-LGBTQ views.


Trump with VP Pence banned transgender people from joining the military.


Trump’s appointed DOJ reinterpreted the Civil Rights Act so that it no longer protected LGBTQ members from employment discrimination.


Trump’s appointed Department of Education staff has eliminated Obama-era protections for transgender students in school.

Biden describes his religious background as Catholic and his religion as a key factor in influencing his political decisions. He states that his fight for more accessible healthcare, more human practices in immigration, and the fight against climate change as part of his beliefs as a Catholic.


There is a lot of overlap in religious protections in policies already addressed. For example, the removal of the requirement of birth control from health care plans has the tone of protecting religious freedom. This is also seen in the rollback of protections for LGBTQ members, which has been presented by the administration as adhering to religious beliefs.