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Congress has been in a frenzy to put a COVID-19 stimulus package in place. The bill originally failed in the Senate 47-47 as 5 members were not present in the chamber. Democrats were opposed to the bill, citing “ the Republican proposal does not do enough to prioritize workers over corporations.” (Politico) The bill’s defectors are concerned about the stimulus being too soft on big businesses and not offering enough support for the working class.


Republicans argue that they are providing funding for small businesses and workers.  It includes a $1,200 check for those who make less than 70k a year. Democrats want more months of insurance for those who are laid off from work. Democrats are also concerned about businesses receiving bailouts as well as concerns over lack of oversight as to how this money would be used.


After some negotiating, the bill eventually passed 96-0 in the senate and lead to the President’s signature as a 2.2 trillion dollar stimulus package was signed into the law, and help was one the way. Well not only have conditions become worse in America, nobody knows for sure when life will get better or even return to normal.


 The quarantines have not been easy on the public; pandemics are selfish in nature.  We have to make sure that we are doing everything we can to prevent the spread of disease, especially limiting social contact with others. Staying at home may be difficult, however, there are ways to make your life easier. USA Today gives important tips on how to combat the virus, even providing a link on how to order groceries. All experts stress the importance of handwashing as well, as one of the key ways to combat the spread of disease.  This is even more important as the worst is of the pandemic is right at our front doorsteps.


 Even with the measures that are being put in place, the curve is not flatting it is going up.  The United States is preparing to brace for the impending peak of this virus. The White House warns more deaths are on the way, this news comes as the death toll is already surging to almost 10000 deaths. The President which had been receiving a bump in approval ratings is now appearing to be having modest gains, or even remaining stagnant. Average citizens favoring their respective governors as their own approval ratings are surging. 


The lack of medical supplies is deeply concerning as New York has almost half of the COVID-19 deaths which is currently at almost 4200 deaths next highest is New Jersey with almost 1000 deaths.   The death toll is surging so much that it is almost impossible to keep track of it at home.   There is a shortage of ventilators, masks, and other general medical supplies needed to combat the virus.  Not having these supplies in abundance is only making the effort to treat the illness fall in vain, as hospitals are completely overwhelmed with the number of patients.







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