Democratic National Convention Held Virtually

Joe Biden in PA on June 17th 2020. Matt Slocum/AP Photo

The Democratic National Convention 2020 was set to be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from August 17-20. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has how political events such as voting, rallies, and protests are being held for the foreseeable future. The DNC has made the decision to hold this event essentially completely virtual as to not risk the health of the attending public.

Instead, the convention will be held via a Livestream on the DNC’s Youtube Channel. Another decision that our political landscape has not seen before was the decision to have the delegates place their votes remotely. The DNC states that this decision was made with advice from public health officials to minimize as much contact between people as possible.

However, it is still expected Joe Biden will physically accept the nomination in Milwaukee at the Wisconsin Center. The city of Milwaukee was certainly upset to hear that they will not be receiving the attention and tourism from the convention, which they have been planning for and rebuilding for. However, the mayor, Tom Barrett, acknowledges the unprecedented health crisis we are in and certainly would not to risk the safety of any citizens. Milwaukee was hit hard with the unemployment of many citizens following the economic downturn caused by COVID-19. Prior to the pandemic, they were expecting a roughly $200 million positive economic impact. This will certainly be much lower now.

Regardless, the DNC stands by their decision to ensure the health and safety of their delegates and supports by keeping the event almost entirely virtual.

More information and updates from the official DNC can be found here.

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