Fundraising Numbers for the 2020 Election

The coronavirus pandemic has been especially chaotic, but has been successful in presenting the case to the American people that we need a change in leadership come November.  The GOP leadership has dropped the ball anywhere from downplaying the severity of the virus, to consistently shifting blame to others. Almost 7 in 10 Americans feel that the Trump administration acted too slow on the virus.  Cory Gardner (R-CO) and Martha Mcsally (R-AZ ) are losing by large margins and are considered to be lost causes for Republicans. Mark Kelly has Raised 11.5 million dollars so far to Martha Mcsally’s 6.3 million dollars in the first quarter of 2020. As a total Mark Kelly raised 31 million to Martha Mcsally’s 18.7 Million. That one race is just an example of the problem republicans are currently facing  republicans as fundraising is becoming an insurmountable thorn in their sides. Democrats are continuing to out fundraise their GOP counterparts, which means they are tightening their own grip in protecting their house majority


House democrats have raised 43.5 million in the first quarter which shows that the chances of the house flipping are not too bright. Sarah Gideon who is against Susan Collins who has saw her approval rating nosedive. She  is being out raised by the Maine speaker of the house, which spells trouble especially in a state where Hilliary Clinton won in 2016.. Jamie Harrison who us running to replace Lindsay Graham is currently our raising the incumbent senator,  7.3 million to Graham’s 5.6 million in the first quarter of 2020. Democrats are out fundraising in races that are not expected to be competitive in the election, which means that Republicans are going to have to Divert Money away in races where they need it the most. It spells trouble for Republicans come November. Politics is all about the money you need cash to win races. Otherwise I will be a uphill climb for your party come November.






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Mr McDonough has been involved in Politics and the Entertainment Industry since 1988. He has worked inside Washington DC and with many political campaigns over the years. He hopes to make Political Awareness as force for non partisan real information and political awareness for all voters.

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