Remote Internship
Political Awareness Interns will work on several projects related to the federal government, including Congress, as well as state and select international governments. The successful candidate will have proven interest in government work at either the federal, state or local level. After working with our Government Relations Team, the individual will have extensive knowledge in how Congressional offices work, how Local and State Governments work, the legislative process, the inner workings of government policy and administrative actions, and the knowledge to help get them started on developing a career that includes government service and public policy. Our Government Relations Interns are provided with a view of federal, state and international governments that few intern opportunities offer. We offer Journalism experience in politics for Journalism students.
Candidates will perform these activities based on there selected preference field:
  • Set up and participate in policy development meetings for Political Awareness.
  • Learn how political campaigns work
  • Work as part of a larger team to expand Political Awareness’s presence in social Media and its Political network.
  • Conduct legislative and regulatory research
  • Draft correspondence, legislative and regulatory summaries as needed
  • Monitor local, state and Federal governmental issues that impact Political Awareness
  • Assist with logistics for community outreach events and programs partnered with Political Awareness and participate as needed.
  • Write Political articles and features on our website
  • All other duties as assigned.
Qualifications: We are looking for candidates with these:
  • Currently enrolled in an accredited college or university and actively pursuing a Degree in Business, Law, Public Relations, Communications, Political Science, Journalism or related field.
  • Special consideration will be give to candidates who have proven an interest in government by their research, studies,        employment or extracurricular activities.
  • Desire to learn about the government operations, policies and processes.
  • A sincere passion for public policy and politics.
  • Strong written and verbal communications skills and not afraid to network or get to know new people.
  • Computer skills including word processing, researching, database creation, slide preparation, etc.
  • Must be self-motivated enough to work independently and within a team atmosphere when needed
We look forward to hear from all interested candidates for this position.

About Political Awareness LLC

Politics have always been the largest driving force in the world. Those in charge dictate what happens, who it happens to and what will happen to everyone else. It is the very core of where the world stands today and where it may end up tomorrow. Politics affect everyone, whether they’d like to believe it or not. And yet, there seems to be a troubling pattern among people claiming to be “non-political,” an entirely implausible notion in this day and age. It shapes our world and daily activities, freedoms and privileges. We are trying to provide a spot before you vote to understand what your voting for, a force for truth a force for what the political industry has needed for years transparency.

Political Awareness Definition:

Political awareness is about understanding the ‘currents’, or hidden agendas, in an organisation, and particularly the power relationships.
Many people may have been put off the idea of being politically aware by seeing people ‘playing politics’ or trying to manipulate others using political tactics. But if used wisely, political awareness is a force for good in society, and for making and understanding the candidates and what issues they stand for and we believe it is an essential skill in life. Political awareness means the extent to which an individual pays attention to politics and understands what he or she has encountered. To elaborate, awareness reflects intellectual or cognitive engagement with public affairs.

Political awareness operates in the political information exchange between the individual and various sources of political messages communicated in the public space. It is commonly understood as an important asset, which determines people’s engagement with politics and how political awareness might be a key asset, which determines participation and active citizenship. There are questions of the role of political values; standards which makes people prefer certain policies, persons outcomes or ideologies, equality, freedom, respect, tolerance, the role of emotions that shape the way we look at thing and how we perceive candidates and laws.

Here are five reasons we think you should be politically aware:

1. It Affects You and Everyone Around You

2. Political Debates Help You Navigate Your Own Values and Beliefs

3. It’s One Step Closer to Being Less Ignorant

4. It Perpetuates the Myth That Young People Don’t Care

5. You’re Missing Out on History As It Happens

We are here are trying to bring awareness to the issues that could effect each and everyone of us every day, change history or the direction of governments across the world and bring massive change that by definition doesn’t serve the better good. Saying you “aren’t political” isn’t an answer, its only in all our best interest to be aware of what and who we vote for.