Political Awareness is not only a Non Partisan website with information and promoting political awareness for voters.

Voter Awareness: We as an organization work hard to provide the Facts on any story or issue, and we let our audience formulate their own opinions. We also try to educate and provide information on government and how it operates and how and where to vote on the candidates. The political world is important and affects us all. We try to help provide a better environment so that voters know about the topics, laws, agencies and elections that effect and matter to them. We are a global community to better help understand global politics.

We are political strategy and communications consulting firm as well. We are called on by many leaders and organizations for campaign development and consulting as well as crisis management, grassroots strategy, media buying and placement, media coaching and training, fundraising, and public relations. We are hired by both sides of the aisle domestically and globally. We don’t support just one party. We are available to all sides for hire for many facets of running a successful political campaign, such as voter outreach, voter analytics (much like marketing analytics), public relations, marketing and media strategy, fundraising, and much more! The profession of political consulting as its own niche is a very recent phenomenon, taking its place alongside computer gurus and television reporters as a career that has come of age. Yet, political campaigning was not born yesterday, despite many pundits’ insistence that they helped it evolve in their own shops. In fact, the first recorded political consultant was Quintus Cicero, author of the Handbook of Electioneering. Written to help his brother win a campaign for the consulship of Rome in 63 B.C., it was a first. Since then perhaps millions have offered advice to candidates for public office. Machiavelli’s suggestions to his prince being among the most quoted.

Please contact us today via our contact page or email directly to support@politicalawareness.net with your needs and a quote.

We also have a Political Podcast called none other than “The Political Awareness Podcast“, which focuses on today’s political issues, voter awareness and current news. join us each show for great topics, guest, round table discussions and more. Stay Tune for show 1 of this great new Podcast.