Judi Dalati

Political Intern

Judi Dalati is a senior at the Lebanese American University in Beirut where she is majoring in Multimedia Journalism with a minor in Political Science and International Affairs. Her interest in the American political system and foreign policy began during the fall semester of 2019 when she had the opportunity to study in the U.S. She learned about the youth’s attitudes regarding educational challenges and political participation. She also met a lot of American students who were eager to learn about her culture and where she comes from. Her passion for political science comes from her experience as a Syrian citizen who witnessed the Syrian war. Having her political opinion and participation challenged by the current regime, she always looks for international platforms to volunteer and express that passion. Judi aspires to pursue a career in political consultancy within the Middle-Eastern affairs.


Mr McDonough has been involved in Politics and the Entertainment Industry since 1988. He has worked inside Washington DC and with many political campaigns over the years. He hopes to make Political Awareness as force for non partisan real information and political awareness for all voters.