Mitch Dworkin

Political Consultant & Analyst

He is a professional political consultant who specializes in doing behind the scenes research, analysis, and instant rapid response to credibly attack an opponent and deal with attacks from an opponent.  My business “Objective Political Research & Analysis” is listed as being nonpartisan (N) on page 65 of The Political Pages 2010 annual directory of political consultants. He is known for being truly objective, being a truly independent thinking and pragmatic person, opposing the fringes in both parties, exposing media bias on both sides, and being able to cut through any spin from both sides in order to tell people what is really happening.  He call things right down the middle with both sides just like how a truly honest umpire would do regardless of which team is at bat.


Mr McDonough has been involved in Politics and the Entertainment Industry since 1988. He has worked inside Washington DC and with many political campaigns over the years. He hopes to make Political Awareness as force for non partisan real information and political awareness for all voters.