Thomas McDonough

Owner of Political Awareness LLC

Thomas McDonough has been involved in the music industry since 1995 and Owned WROM Radio Detroit and WROM Records that was partnered with MI-5 Records/Universal Music Group. WROM Radio originated in Detroit, MI, as a passion project in 2010. McDonough’s novel approach to radio, complimenting celebrity interviews with independent music of all genres, was uncharted territory. This approach has allowed independent artists to receive the exposure and resources necessary to ensure the greatest amount of success as possible while providing established celebrities with a unique platform to express ideas.

McDonough officially started building the WROM Radio Detroit network from the ground up in late 2010. As a native of the Detroit area, McDonough has always held music hailing for the motor city in high regard. Although, a sudden and steep introduction to the music world during the late 1990s is what opened McDonough’s eyes to the vast possibilities of radio, ultimately leading him to explore and thrive in the internet radio market. It is McDonough’s well sought after discernment along with his unique insight that has helped him craft WROM into a media powerhouse. After closing the doors on WROM Radio & Records, he spent the next two years co-hosting the show, This Moment in Time. McDonough has now started a new show, called The Dcap show, here in Detroit and opened the record label RL Recordings here in Detroit. He also hosts a TV Show, called Welcome to the D, on My Jam Music TV Network. He has also opened Music Noises llc and welcomes the adventures ahead with major consulting in the industry.

Mr McDonough’s adventure in politics also goes back to the 90s as well. He has been involved in several political campaigns and served on a few campaign staffs. He has been involved and believes politics and the world can be a better place for all. He believes that the balance and non partisan view must be the future. Breaking party lines to make a better world together is the future ahead. Paving the road ahead is his motto. Political Awareness is a step ahead and he believes necessary in today’s political world. He looks forward to all the amazing possibilities for the the future of Political Awareness



Mr McDonough has been involved in Politics and the Entertainment Industry since 1988. He has worked inside Washington DC and with many political campaigns over the years. He hopes to make Political Awareness as force for non partisan real information and political awareness for all voters.