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What does the European + Bahamas Travel Ban mean for Americans?

For many individuals, Europe is their holiday destination or summer getaway. However, in 2020, that is not the case due to the Coronavirus and its fatal spread. Because of America’s rising case numbers of COVID-19, the European Union instituted a travel ban to American citizens to ensure the safety of their citizens. Now, the Bahamas has taken a similar action stating that travelers from Canada, the United States, and the European Union may not be permitted onto the island, and if they are, they must be quarantined for fourteen days. So, what do these travel bans mean for Americans?

The travel bans mean that 1) U.S. citizens are not allowed on European Union territory or the Bahama islands unless it is for business purposes, or if U.S citizens are residents of a country that is a member of the European Union or the Bahamas. Aside from lawful reasons such as refuge, 2) if your entry is permitted, you must quarantine for the recommended 14-day period. With these restrictions, many Americans are concerned about travel expenses, flights, or the possibility of not having the dream Christmas vacation. This is a call for action from the European Union and the Bahamas to the United States of America. Since March, there has been a continuous surge of coronavirus cases in the United States, while other countries experienced a peak and have since seen their numbers drastically decrease.

The ban placed on the United States by the European Union is much more than a disease ban and has no intention of lifting anytime soon. With the European ban in place and with no plan insight being lifted, many wonder what it means for Europe itself. American travel to Europe constitutes a big portion of the European economy. According to different studies, stocks crashed in Europe, and other countries have experienced economic crashes, such as Spain. These countries are beginning to suffer from the lack of involvement in their communities due to lockdowns and the lack of tourist travel. Therefore leaving one question: Do the benefits of the travel ban outweigh the costs? What does it mean for our governmental and economic relationships? These two questions allow us to analyze our procedural actions in deciding how to proceed safely. Governments must decide what is best for their citizens and the economy while maintaining a sense of health and wellness.

For Europe and the Bahamas, the health of the people is more vital than economic gain; however, for the United States, the perspective is slightly different due to differences in economic possibilities, the ratio of cases to citizens, and capitalistic interest. To overcome hardships from the pandemic, as other countries have, the United States must change its trajectory by having citizens wear masks, practice social distancing, and stay home.


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